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Just got a new HT-301 camera. A few questions:

* Does anyone know how to interface it to a (Windows) PC? Somebody here said it "acts like a webcam" but when I plug in into a USB-C port on my PC, nothing happens (device not recognized). Webcams are recognized immediately.

* Is there a less buggy Android app for it? HTi's app crashes a lot for me on my Google Pixel 3 XL (Android 10).

* Is there any way to adjust the contrast of the images (using the "Hti Image" on Android)? My old Seek Thermal auto-stretched the contrast of images so the coolest point was black, the hottest was white. This doesn't seem to do that, so I often get very low-contrast images.


I got an HT-301 recently and tried everything to get it running on a windows environment. If you use a usb-c to usb-a adapter, you can open the camera using the native camera app in windows. It will come up as a serial device and function like a thermal "webcam", displaying heat in a greyscale color scheme. However, you need to use the android app to decode the temperature information. I think there is some sort of thermal 'code' generated in the output of the image (towards the bottom - thin green bar with dots that change with the image) that is decoded on the phone in software. Maybe if someone could reverse engineer the app and fashion an executable for PC it would be possible to use the HT-301 on windows.

I tried to create a ton of different android virtual machines as well and actually run the app on my pc. Could not get any of them to run properly, so just using the HT-301 with my phone as intended. I also emailed HTI asking about the possibility of a PC program but no response.

Uploaded the HTI .apk app file to a shareable folder on google drive:

Also, attached screenshot of the HT-301 open in the windows camera app. Will come up as "T3" in device manager.


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--- Quote from: Nicky on August 07, 2020, 03:17:35 am ---Hi

We may offer the new App for you , pls contact with me

Best regards


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why not for everyone? ?  :-\  :(


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