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I am sorry as I lost the post I was looking at but I have a questions, please. I have an Autel EVO2 640T Version 2, with the InfiRay Thermal Camera. They have 2 versions of the IR software and both are marginal at best. The new one seems to be so new that the temps are all wrong and the old one only accepts 1 image at a time, then crashes so i have to do each Thermogram then save to Word, open the tool again and do another, etc, etc , etc.
So, does this tool work with the Thermal Imager on the Autel 640T drones?

I found the post, so my questions is will this work with the InfiRay Thermal Imagers in the Autel EVO 2 640T (Version 2) Thermal Drones?? Please advise and many thanks


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