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New Software For InfiRay, HTI, UNI-T & TOPDON Series Thermal Cameras

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Hello EEVblog.

It has been some time since I made my first post here.

But in the meantime, a have developed and published a new software for the InfiRay, HTI, UNI-T and TopDon series of thermal cameras – with more brands coming.
The software is called IRCAM Thermal Viewer and is the much-needed PC analysis software, which finally unlocks the potential of a vast selection of thermal cameras available on the market. The software features a large selection of advanced features.

Supported Thermal Cameras for the current version:
• InfiRay T2L (Including V2 Models)
• InfiRay T2-Search (Including V2 Models)
• InfiRay T2S+ (Including V2 Models)
• InfiRay T2Pro (Including V2 Models)
• InfiRay T3-Search
• InfiRay T3S
• InfiRay T3Pro
• InfiRay P2
• InfiRay P2Pro
• InfiRay DV-DL13
• InfiRay S0 Series
• InfiRay Tiny1-C
• HTI HT-301
• UNI-T UTi260M
• Victor 328B

The software is available for windows through the Microsoft App Store.

My discord server:

I hope some of you find it interesting 😊
Here are some pictures of the current version of the software:

Any intentions to release elsewhere than the Microsoft store? I think I and a lot of others included despise their platform...

Im not sure were that would be?
Any reason why you dont like the Microsoft Store?
I personally find it great and its easy for people to use :)

I don't think Google will like it, that you are using their icons for settings and live view

Looks really nice, but i also don't want it from the Microsoft store.


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