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I'm sorry for disappearing, I could not get out from the shock and stupor last two weeks.

I hadn't found a spoiler tool in message edit mode, that's why I hided the beginning of this post in a the attached txt. Read txt first.


1. I'm not going to stop working at this project.

2. I need some time to find a way to ship KITs.

3. In fact I already have everything to continue software development. Some progress with software will be published within 2 weeks.

4. I don't want to let people down, who like this project and already bought cameras to get them work.
Stay sure that in the worst case I will just opensource everything that I have.

5. I got a lot of email last two weeks and will send reply within this week.

6. I barely had a chance to manufacture and test JTAG adapter.

Thanks for the update! Feeling with you and hoping everything works out and you can continue your awesome work! Looking forward to it  :)

Please stay safe.

Hello everyone.
Some news.

1. Right now there is no realistic way to send PCBs to backers and receive payments.
That's why I decided to share all gerbers + PCB stack details, i.e. eveything you need to purchase PCB manufaturing.
I will not commit gerbers to github for now. If you would like to get gerbers, just email me. You can find my email in the attached pictures in the first post of this thread.

2. I'm was pretty overloaded by daily job, that's why software development was paused...
I hope to have much more free time by the end of this week. At least I must finish bootloader firmware, that will help to bring-up the hardware.

P.S. I'm really sorry for this situation, but this is the best thing I can do now for you and this project.
Thanks for understanding.

Best regards

Please do not apologise after already putting in this amount of effort, and sharing and open sourcing so much information already.

Your work is awesome!

I can not deny, I to would like to have my hands on it sooner then later, and every update message I rush to the board hoping to finally have something for my expensive paperweight autoliv... But let's be honest, that's because I lack most if not all the skills you have, and can't even get the damn thing booted properly.

I am mostly glad you haven't abandoned the project (but didn't think you would) grateful for your updates and looking forward to your product :)


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