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OpenIRV. ISC0901B0 (Autoliv NV3, FLIR E4/5/6/8) based opensource thermal camera

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I join those who want and plan to make OPenIRV camera.

I bought one NV3 camera for the project, but it turned out to be corroded inside, including the sensor, although it looked good on the outside.

I also bought an NV1 camera (BMW 6654696982401) to study it.
As it turned out, it has a video DAC adv7127 and control is via the LIN bus. Unfortunately, I don’t have a control unit from it, so I don’t have any data on the exchange protocol, if someone has robbed volume data on the LIN bus, then please share)
Inside the NV1 camera, an FPGA from Altera EP1C12 is used, and a CPLD from Xilinx xc2c128, which is in the same JTAG circuit with ALTERA and is probably used to fill it with a configuration from a parallel CFI compatible FLASH.

The hardware of the NV1 looks exactly like the PCB from the PatnfindIR camera, which does not require activation and produces video immediately after being turned on. My idea is to copy the contents of flash memory from PathfindIR to FLASH Autoliv NV1 to end up with a camera that outputs video without any external commands)

But there are 2 problems:

1. I have not yet been able to figure out how to read data from flash memory via JTAG (I could only read CPLD). A rough solution is to unsolder FLASH and read / write with a programmer.

2. I don't have a PatnfindIR camera. If any of you have, could you get the data from the flash memory?

The sensor from the first generation camera does not have a voltage of 3.3 volts, but has 5 volts. I attached my observations on the pins in the photo.

Hi, Denis_K
 I have a control unit and camera removed from the same vehicle. I know that night vision is activated when certain data is sent to a specific address, but I feel that I also need a switch on the driver's side to see that data. I will let you know if I make any progress.

Could you share a CPLD dump?


--- Quote from: newex on May 12, 2022, 09:00:38 am ---Could you share a CPLD dump?

--- End quote ---

Excellent, I'm just blown away by the work done. I myself have implemented several simpler projects (PCB design, C programming, case, cooling) - I know it's very difficult!
The zoom capabilities are amazing!
Impressed by the beauty of PCB design, I myself am engaged in PCB design, but I don’t know how to be so beautiful. Previously I worked with Altium and Eagle, but now I do many projects on EasyPCB - I like that you can easily share the project as on github, as well as order partial mounting of SMD components on one layer - this saves a lot of time during assembly.


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