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OpenIRV. ISC0901B0 (Autoliv NV3, FLIR E4/5/6/8) based opensource thermal camera

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Thanks for all that. I'm a software guy by trade, plenty of firmware experience, but none with FPGAs. I'm hoping to find the time to stick my head into these HDLs and see what I can do with them.

Thanks for the tip on the shutter too, that's what I suspected. I'll see if I can hook a return spring on it externally.

The hardware in Vivado is finished and should hopefully work. I already synthesized it and created a bitstream in Vivado and exported everything to Vitis. In Vitis it's "only" some C code writing for initializing everything.

Takes some time for me to build everything. There are still some components missing. Cables etc. I will post an additional BOM with all additional parts needed.



TKS,It's very cool. I wish you sucessful for it.  :-+
I like it.

Wonder if it would be worthwhile to consider porting the FPGA to an open source platform such as LiteX?


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