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Some news. PCB's are all assembled and the FPGA is programmable. I also got the Microblaze running and the LED is blinking.

Problem now is how to initialize the VDMA which is programmed completly by Vaagn. Any help would be great :-)
A simple "Hello World" on the LCD would be great in a first step.

Finally some good news. Got some really nice help from Carlos to get the VDMA initialized and getting some data out of it.

- RAM test was successfull
- VDMA is running
- LCD driver needed some fixes but is working fine now and the lcd is showing some stuff from the RAM

I‘ll continue and keep you up to date if there is anything new. But I can now continue.

And a hello world  :)

Think you for your effort.

Hopefully it's worth the effort. Sensor voltages are all working fine.

A little warning if you ever try to build this camera. Don't use the verilog files as they are in github and connect the camera. The constraints file (defining the in-/outputs) doesn't match the current status of the circuit diagram.
So this will lead to a short circuit because there are some spare pins of the FPGA used which are connected to GND by the sensor.

I will connect the camera soon. Hopefully it works without sending a special command at the beginning which I don't know yet.

Moreover the activity LED circuit on the P-board is bad designed. Once the LED is turned on one resistor shortens the 3,3V supply and this resistor is overloaded. One solution would be to just increase the resistors to 270R.
Sadly we don't have got the original Altium files.

Edit: Just replaced R29 and R35 to 270R and it is working fine.


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