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OpenIRV. ISC0901B0 (Autoliv NV3, FLIR E4/5/6/8) based opensource thermal camera

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Connected the camera to the board but I don't get an image. Would be too simple.
Current consumption looks good and it doesn't smell like burnt electronic.

Does anyone of you know if I need a special cmd to get pixel data from the sensor? Any idea how to get this? Maybe powering up the original board and measuring the signals without the sensor?
Hope somebody has got experience.

I just added here my progress of the actual code. Hope it helps somebody. I used Vitis 2024.1 for coding.

Been working in the past with ISC0601 so the more encapsulated sensor and as I remember it needed a logic slope on one of the pins to send out a frame.
You would find this info on this forum.
I bet VGC implemented such signal into FPGA this way determining desired frame rate.

Most if not all FPAs need a shot trigger, they won't just free run. This is how they get windowing down to increase frame rate to work better.
One of the pins does need to be toggled to make it sample a frame

Camera is outputting data on data even line. Measured with my oscilloscope. So I get something. I have to figure out what's wrong now.

Thanks for your answers. My sensor is continously running at 60Hz and the HDL requests a new frame via cmd line. So that is working pretty well.

I also receive SOF (Start Of Frame) and EOL (End Of Line) signals from HDL design. I created some ILA's to analyze everything. Also the raw axi stream is working.
But I still have to fix some errors. So no image to show until now. Until now I'm really happy about my progress so far.

Attached are some oscilloscope pictures of the working sensor and the data_even line. Note that ground isn't perfect.


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