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FLIR FFF Viewer version 1.4
« on: March 31, 2016, 11:26:41 am »
This program I wrote in VB6 loads raw FFF radiometric FLIR images, as well as FLIR radiometric JPEGs, which are just JPEG files that have an embedded FFF file. This is version 1.4 (hopefully the final version), and it corrects a bug in saving BMP images using the "Save Current Image" button.

Download the ZIP file package at
It contains the source code, the compiled EXE file, and all dependencies.
You should read the readme.txt file to learn how to set it up (if you don't already have the dependencies on your computer).

Here's the basic usage instructions:
Use the file browser controls to navigate to where your FLIR radiometric images are and select the file you want to load.
Then click the "Load" button.
To save the raw 16bits-per-pixel data to a file, click the "Save Raw Image" button.
Use the Raw Format option buttons to select the format that the raw image will be saved in.
The name of the resulting file will be identical to the input file name (including the .jpg or .fff file extension), with the file extension .tif or .png appended to the end.
With the image loaded, not only will you be able to save the raw data back to a more common file format, you will also notice that it is displayed in a picture box. There are 2 controls for the picture box, the "Range" and "Scaling" groups of option buttons.
Range determines how a displayable 8bit pixel (with a value from 0 to 255) is taken from the 16bit input (with values ranging from 0 to 65535). The first option, "Full (0 to 65535)", simply maps the full 16bit range into the 8bit range. The second option, "From Image", takes the highest 16bit value present in the image and maps it to 255, while taking the lowest 16bit value present in the image and mapping it to 0, and scaling all other 16bit values to 8bit values between 0 and 255. The 3rd option, "From Selection", is identical to "From Image" when an image is first loaded, but after a selection is made uses the maximum and minimum values in the selection area to scale. Values outside the selection area may exceed those in it, and because they will end up greater than 255 or less than 0 after scaling, they are clipped if they exceed this range (>255 becomes 255, and <0 becomes 0). To make a selection for the "From Selection" range option, just click and drag a box in the displayed image, then let go when the selection has been made. You can make the selection regardless of what Range mode you are in, but you will only see the effect of this selection when you switch to the "From Selection" range mode.
The "Scaling" group of option buttons determines the function actually used to perform the scaling. "Linear" is the standard scaling function. "Squared" increases contrast in bright (hot) areas. "Square Root" increases contrast in dark (cold) areas.

The "File Name" text box allows you to set the name of the file that will be saved when you click the "Save Current Image" button. This button saves to a BMP (bitmap) file, the 8bit image that is currently displayed in the picture box, which will depend on what settings for Range and Scaling you have set. The file extension ".bmp" is automatically appended if you don't include it when you type the file name. Unlike the "Save Raw Image" button, which always saves in the same directory as the source image, the "Save Current Image" button saves in whatever is the current directory. This means that after loading a thermal image, you can save the currently displayed 8bit image in another folder by navigating to it using the directory control, before clicking the "Save Current Image" button.
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Re: FLIR FFF Viewer version 1.4
« Reply #1 on: March 31, 2016, 11:58:00 pm »
good work  :-+

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Re: FLIR FFF Viewer version 1.4
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