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Picked up a Therm-app Hz used. Is this noise normal?


I just want to make sure I got a working unit here. I got the Therm-app Plus app which can take out the vertical artifacts nicely but there seems to be lots of horizontal scanning noise that is really apparent when looking at a scene with minimum temperature delta. Is this normal or should I be worried I got a damaged unit? Here is a video of what I'm talking about:!Am0Xy_mQhCJIiQ0Rw1VSCIMUyveF

It seems to get worse and sometimes flash some darker horizontal bars if I move to fast or bump the unit a bit as well.

Thanks for any info!

That looks normal for low temperature ranges.

OK thanks. All the horizontal line flicker looked like video noise to me. Was worried there might be something wrong with the video circuitry.

Bill W:
Yes, looks normal.  It is low frequency sensor bias or ADC supply noise showing through on the video.  If you stretch out the temperature span too far it becomes visible.
Can you measure it as a temperature equivalent ?  You may find it is around 50mK, the same order as the sensor neTd


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