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Portable thermal imager with Seek Thermal camera and a MCU (ESP32)


I'm working on a portable thermal imager based on my Seek Compact XR and a MCU with USB host capability. I want to use the ESP32-S2 based development board as it has 240MHz clock, decent amount of memory and allow USB host option. The major problem is of course to establish USB communication with a CDC device.
I've already successfully tested the libseek-thermal code ( ) on my laptop and I've started to modify it to make it run on ESP32-S2:
1. I substituted all OpenCV functions used by libseek-thermal with my own image processing code (easy step).
2. Now I try to make it work without Libusb library (hard step, as I've no experience in USB protocols).

So, have you ever tried to connect Seek thermal camera to a MCU board like ESP32, STM32 or Teensy? Every advice would be appreciated


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