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Pretty sure that is an Indigo Merlin Camera

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Was watching a documentary and noticed a camera he was using. At the 3:05 mark. Looks like a Merlin camera haha.

Judging by the imaging shown looks like NIR?

Yeah, it looks like a Merlin.   The removable control pad gives it away.   To bulky to be an uncooled LWIR or NIR ... maybe a MWIR or SWIR?   

If I am not mistaken Merlin had 3 cameras. NIR, MWIR, LWIR They all had the same body. I had one once (LWIR uncooled) but I no longer own it. Apparently the MWIR used a linear cooler. So buying one second hand isn't a bad idea (My amber radiance is much older and still works!). They tend to have great cool down times (5-6min). The interface is a bit dated and the connectivity isn't the friendliest. I believe it worked with FLIR researcher (not sure tho) I attached the datasheet for more info on the 3 cameras in their line.

Same here.  Work had three of the LW's and one of the Vis/NIR.    They were excellent for their day.   Worked with custom collection software and also RTools.   Never used a MW as we had Amber's of older vintage but better focal planes.   

Reason I add the Vis part is the sensor had a enough of a response that if you used a blocking filter on the NIR then it could see in the visible.

Wow that is pretty neat! And ah that makes sense! Forgot that most of these lenses like the Janos ones have the option to put a filter behind the lens.


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