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Question about FFF header


I was looking at the official spec just now, and was wondering about this one field for the FFF file's main header.

--- Code: ---typedef struct tagFLIRFILEHEAD
char szFormatID[4];
char szOrigin[16];
unsigned long dwVersion;
unsigned long dwIndexOff;
unsigned long dwNumUsedIndex;
unsigned long dwNextID;
unsigned short usSwapPattern;
unsigned short Spare[7];
unsigned long reserved[2];
unsigned long dwChecksum;
--- End code ---

I was wondering what the usSwapPattern field in the header was for. Does that have something to do with whether the file uses BigEndian or LittleEndian byte order? I was wondering, because to use a bigendian multi-byte value on a littleendian system (or visa versa), you need to swap the bytes.

I think, you know my post here with a full fff.h header:,6763.0.html

--- Code: ---typedef struct tagFLIRFILEHEAD
    unsigned short usSwapPattern;/* Swap pattern (0=MSBF)  2  38       */
--- End code ---


--- Code: --- LSBF = little-endian
MSBF = big-endian
--- End code ---

some more informations you see inside the exiftool code:


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