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Hi all

I have a new FLIR A8581 (MWIR) with Flir Research Studio.  Nice camera, 1280x1024 resolution.  But the software claims to save radiometric jpg and .ats (thermal video) files, that do not seem to resemble radiometric jpg from LWIR cameras nor .seq or .csq file format.  I thought I'd share here.

The jpg yields no thermal data or planck constants using exiftool. 

The jpg file appears to store the raw data (in this case ~8032 bytes offset; see tiff extracted file), but the tiff data are contaminated with 40 intermittent 12 byte long garbage data (it would be nice to find a way to remove).  I have no idea what format the .ats.

3 files in zip file: Snap-0012.jpg (original, radiometric jpg), Snap-0012.tiff (extracted raw data, 16 bit little endian, converted in ImageJ), Rec-0018.ats (brief thermal video)

Sharing on a public dropbox folder above.


Having trouble getting the files from DropBox. Can you upload just the jpg file to EEVblog directly?
From your description it sounds like a Flir JPEG-R file. But, I would have to look at it to be sure.

Thanks for trying.  I don't know what the issue is, since I tested the link with a colleague but they have a dropbox account.

Let's change the dl=0 to dl=1 to direct download to see if that works since this is supposed to be a public link:

Otherwise, I can't share the .ats file since it is 44Mb, and this forum will only let me post one file.  I'm curious to solve both the JPG-R issue and the .ats issue.

Ok, got the files from DropBox. The jpg in the DropBox ( 2.7 Mbytes) seems to be a JPEG-R file. It has the radiometric data split into APP1 segments with the 12-byte headers separating the segments as usual. However, the metadata looks totally different from other FLIR JPEG-R files. You're right, ExifTool doesn't show anything for the FLIR metadata. My own code crashed when I fed it this file, haha. So I guess some reverse Engineering is needed to figure out these files.

Thanks JimM.  Yes indeed.  Tomas123 and Phil have been very helpful with other reverse engineering thus why I shared here.  Feel free to post anything you discover.


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