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Deciding Which Camera to Buy
« on: September 30, 2020, 08:20:39 pm »
Good afternoon all.

So I got the infrared bug after purchasing an older Talisman XL with the BST but I see some of the limitation of fire fighting cameras and not being able to get ratiometric data out of the camera and adjusting the exposure etc.

I have been looking at getting a used Exx camera, like an E40 and doing the firmare upgrade to the 240x320 resoultion, buying a 2010 vintage T360 camera or a guy locally is selling a 2007 ish P45HSV camera.

The P45 is $1600, the T360, $1200 and the E40 floats around $1000-1300.

It's my understanding that all three of these cameras are built around the same core, but the sensor size is much larger as you go from the Exx to Txx and Pxx.

Even though all three cameras have the same resolution are the T and P series that much better?

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