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Requests for thermal imaging core configuration utilities - polite refusal

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Dear All,

I have been receiving a lot of requests for the software utilities that are used to configure thermal imaging cores. I have always received such requests as my archive holds utilities that were either controlled release or have just become unavailable over time (FLIR Omega/M10, Indigo Photon etc)

The issue with providing such configuration software for a thermal imaging core is its end users intended use and, to a degree, their nationality. I am constrained  by the Wassenaar Arrangement and since the events of 24 February 2022 the situation on releasing such software or ‘support’ has become far more serious.

Without making this a political post, readers will be aware of the usefulness of thermal camera equipped drone aircraft. I am not permitted to support hostile activities against the UK or it’s allies under our law, and my allegiance to the Queen. As such I have made the decision to not release any thermal imaging software utilities to persons that I do not know. I am aware that most, if not all, requests for such are innocent, but I have no means to be certain so will take the safe path.

Hopefully the World situation will change soon but, until then, I will be dropping into the background and not providing support for thermal imaging core commissioning. Apologies to those who will be inconvenienced by this decision. This is a lovely friendly apolitical forum where I enjoy assisting others with their projects, but sadly we are in a very unusual situation at the moment and my response is not personal, just in line with my moral compass.

I hope for peace in our World and may it come soon.


Yes thank you Fraser for putting this out. From your previous experience I know you are very torn, between helping, and doing nothing. It hopefully will come to an amicable conclusion soon, though it does seem that there are massive ego's that are in conflict there, and unfortunately till they are in check it will be poor. Keeping to the non interference is probably the best to do.

At least you should be able to at least get into the conservatory, and spend some time doing things that you enjoy otherwise.

Thank you for thoughtful position.  While others have railed against restrictions on dissemination of these technologies, current events clearly provide evidence of the consequences of such dissemination.  Regardless of who someone supports in the current difficulties, it is clear that their interests could be harmed.

But, isn't it better to release them so they can be used against the russians in this war? So that ukraine gets the upper hand and gets a change to fight back  :-//


--- Quote from: agiorgitis on May 17, 2022, 02:25:17 pm ---But, isn't it better to release them so they can be used against the russians in this war? So that ukraine gets the upper hand and gets a change to fight back  :-//

--- End quote ---

Firstly, they (OP) wouldn't know for sure, where it is going.  It could be for either side, or even elsewhere.

Secondly, if it is against the rules/law/moral-compass, at these difficult times, then people want to play safe and stick to the rules/law/etc.


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