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Roundup of miniature thermal imaging cores used in the consumer market

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In the last year we have witnessed a significant increase in the number of budget thermal imaging cameras that are present in the marketplace. This is mainly due to the COVID-19 Pandemic and the release of new miniature imaging cores from China.

I thought it might be of interest to list the miniature cores that are to be found in many budget thermal cameras in this thread and we can also identify which cameras use which cores, if known. We can also speculate based on specifications  :-+

Miniature consumer grade imaging cores…. The List


Lepton 2.    80 x 60 pixels
Lepton 2.5  80 x 60 pixels Radiometric
Lepton 3.0. 160 x 120 pixels
Lepton 3.5. 160 x 120 pixels Radiometric

Guide Sensmart

TIMO 120.   120 x 90 pixels Radiometric
TIMO 256.   256 x 192 pixels Radiometric

Infiray IRAY

Tiny 1A.       256 x 192 pixels
Tiny 1B.       256 x 192 pixels Radiometric
S0.              256 x 192 pixels Radiometric

Seek Thermal

MicroCore.   200 x 150 pixels
Std Core.     200 x 150 pixels Radiometric
Pro Core.     320 x 240 pixels Radiometric

Core information links…..

FLIR Lepton Series

Guide Sensmart TIMO series



Infiray Tiny1 series

Infiray S0 series

Seek Thermal Mosaic Series (the public version of OEM cores)

I posted a list of miniature cores a while ago, but I can't remember in what thread. There were more like boson sized tho.


I decided to focus on the miniature cores of Seek Mosaic size and smaller as these are what are appearing in the many budget thermal imaging cameras coming out of China at the moment. I keep seeing new models mentioned here, on the forum, and I always wonder which imaging core the OEM has chosen to use. There appears to be a very understandable move away from frame rate limited USA sourced cores towards the high frame rate China produced cores. Some time ago I recommended exactly this move to a Chinese thermal camera manufacturer. Using Chinese imaging cores for Chinese built thermal cameras makes sense on many levels. They just needed suitable cores to use. They now have that choice with Infiray and Guide Sensmart  :-+ These two core suppliers seem to dominate the budget consumer grade Chinese cameras now. Some are still using Seek Thermal or FLIR cores but I cannot see that continuing for very long unless the US based cores become significantly cheaper, better performing and more easily obtained. The frame rate restriction may be less of an issue but customers may start to expect 25fps as a minimum now that such is easily available.

You can be certain that Infiray (IRAY) and Guide Sensmart are not sitting on their hands and will be actively developing the next generation of miniature imaging cores.


Curious how small we can make the 320x240 Seek Mosaic if we remove the case / shutter... it would certainly be nice to get a MicroCore sized sensor at 320x240. Any thoughts?



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