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SATIR / UNI-T Thermal imaging cameras - one on the way to me

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I have just procured a lightly used SATIR MinIR80 thermal camera as the price was too good to miss.

The SATIR MinIR series comprises the MinIR80, MinIR100 and MinIR160. All have the same external appearance except for the colour of the case.

The resolution of the MinIR80 is only 80 x 60 but there is the possibility that it can be 'improved' to operate at 160 x 120 as I believe the same core is used in all three cameras, just with different regions of the Microbolomter being displayed. The lens is the same on all three yet the FOV increases in step with the increase in resolution. A bit of a smoking gun. I see it as a bit like a X2 zoom function being permanently enabled on the MinIR80. If I can work out how to change that to full native microbolometer resolution I will be most pleased. Much will depend upon the firmware used and how easy it is to access it.

Very similar cameras are also sold under the UNI-T brand as the UTi80A, 100A and 160A. Sadly I can find no firmware for them so cannot investigate such for evidence of resolution hobbling. It is my understanding that the core within the MinIR series is made in China, but the actual Microbolometer sensor is supplied out of France by ULIS  :). When I look inside the camera, I am expecting to find a ULIS PICO160 installed in a SATIR HR160 core PCB set. We shall see  :)  SATIR do not offer a HR80 core which is good news for me as otherwise that core could have been installed in the 80 x 60 camera, with no hope of a resolution upgrade resulting.

I shall provide more detail of the SATIR camera once it arrives. I would be interested to hear from anyone else who owns one of these cameras. It looks quite neat, if a little like a childs toy ray gun, but hey, if it works, I will be happy for the price I paid.

The brochure containing the specifications is available here:

It is quite well equipped really. 30fps update from the microbolometer, still pictures and videos saved to an SD card, composite video output, Lithium battery, manual focus and visible light camera for context images. The camera also ships with a charging and PC interface dock, a similar idea to the Raytek/FLUKE Ti30


Bill W:
Hi Fraser,

I have a YRH600:

I do not doubt your suspicions, although it might be an earlier ULIS detector such as an 0215.

Always a good game with them to spot which products they have copied this week, there's a FLIR Scout and ISG K1000 on there, but the Argus 'torch' has gone.


Holy crap, just how many thermal cameras do you have?

Too many  ;D

At last count 49



--- Quote from: Fraser on August 23, 2016, 06:45:34 pm ---At last count 49

--- End quote ---

 :o :o

Looking forward to hearing about these. :-+


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