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Hi there folks,

I’m wondering if someone can shed some IR on a problem I’m having with my Seek Compact Pro FF.

The temperature accuracy seems to have gone terribly wrong in recent weeks and I don’t know why. When compared to my FLIR One, the accuracy and also temperature range and sensitivity is shockingly bad. See the video attached for examples, it explains it all. You can see how the Seek reports my hand is 4*C cooler than the radiator, but the FLIR detects it as almost 30*C cooler, which I think is about right as the radiator is belting out heat. Also, the app is laggy, and glitchy so wonder if this is contributing. Finally, its hard to show this but the cooler areas of an image seem to be 'burning' in as you move the camera around. You know bit like how really old film cameras used to leave a trail if there was a bright light in the scene, think Bottom Christmas special where Eddie sets the tree on fire.

I haven't used the camera for about 4 weeks but it was never like this.

Extra details:

Both devices are iOS versions
Both devices stored together, in their cases, in a material bag
Apps all up to date
Firmware: see screenshots (Had to upload as a zip for the video)

Seek: e=0.97
FLIR: e=0.95

Any help is appreciated!
Thanks, Niall.

Have you uninstalled the app and reinstalled it ? It is worth a try to make sure the App is not the cause of the issue.


If that is not the cause of the problem it could be related to the ambient temperature sensor that tells the camera the temperature of the FFC flag. If that is wrong, the measurements will also be wrong.


Hi Fraser,

I've tried a reinstall of the app, yes. I see. Is there any way to try to identify if that's the issue, and if so is there a way to fix it. I appreciate I'm asking a lot. Thanks again,


I regret that I am not familiar enough with the design of the Seek Thermal Dongle camera to be of much help to you. I own several SeeK Thermal cameras but never had to investigate the ambient temperature sensor. On the FLIR Lepton it was not uncommon for the conductive paint that connected a thermistor to the rest of the imaging core to fail but I do not recall seeing a thermistor or temperature monitoring diode on the Seek Thermal dongle, though it is likely hiding on the PCB near to the lens assembly.

Other forum members may have some ideas to help you. I will have to do a little digging into old pictures of the Seek Dongles and my Seek Thermal J3-603 imaging Core that I know incorporates a silicon diode for ambient temperature sensing.



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