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Seek Reveal and Reveal Pro supplemental lens adapters ?

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Bill W:
The best results would come from using another Seek lens like this:



LogoXXL welcome to the forum! Took a quick perusal of your listings and I am very impressed with your offerings, might be snagging a few Ge lens stacks in a bit once I sell off some of my older imagers. I'm especially interested in your single optical element offerings due to my experimentation with custom lens stacks and zoom lenses.

Hi ArsenioDev

all are welcome to ask if you need something.... i am open to help and explain my adventures with zoom lenses.... Now i have some versions ready.... Not finished but working well.

Some attached photos show how i start and prototype... goes better and better

Last photos shows 50-200mm zoom lens for Pulsar and inside mechanic

Hi, was not sure if this would be the best topic to reply in, as I'm both going "off the topic title" while I only own an E4, and it's quite old.

But after a thorough search I found it has lots of great info already.

I wish to make a "tele" lens or tele converter for my flir E4, for now preferably without removing the original lens, as I fear damaging the sensor. The goal is using the E4 for spotting nocturnal animals (owl).

The E4 has very wide FOV, around 45, and I wish to narrow this 3x, to FOV 12.5, this would require a focal length of approximately 28mm. Such a lens design could obviously fit different camera's and doesn't have to be E4 specific (preferably not)

A zoom lens like LogoXXL makes would obviously be very awesome, any info and explanation would be greatly appreciated!

Now I have been thinking about what would be the way to achieve said 3x magnification (or more)? I see some options:

1, Keplerian Telescope with plano convex lenses
biggest pro,
- I think this could be possible with the cheap (+/- 50,- for a 22-25mm (up to 1") widely available lenses from the co2 laser cutters (ebay / alie znse or gaas plano convex)

- Not sure about the image quality and loss of light in tele configuration.
- Image will be mirrored, might be fixable by two solutions which I can't solve (yet)

Possible solutions to the mirror image
1. Use an Flir E4 lens (or identical f6,5 converging) reversed as per Bill W suggestion.
2. Get the Flir E4 to mirror the display, which would be a cool feature but might not be possible at all or have serious caveats.
@Bud might know?

2, Galilean Telescope
This is the preferred telescope type as image will not get mirrored
Finding a suitable converging lens for LWIR spectrum.
And the price of those lenses in relation to the price of the E4 (or a dedicated thermal spotting camera, flir scout/hikmicro lynx etc.)
@LogoXXL might be a source of information and optics.

3, Swapping out the lens completely, for which I searched this forum for profusely but couldn't find a topic or example.
It does seems @JoeC walked this path, not necessary changing the lens but rebuilding the E4 and motorising the focus. There is some documentation on his site

Well, I have been thinking and searching ebay/thorlabs/etc, but would really love input, I lack knowledge and experience.

kind regards,


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