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Seek Reveal and Reveal Pro supplemental lens adapters ?

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Dear fellow Seek Reveal owners,

Does anyone have any 3D printable adapters that permit the attachment of supplemental lenses to the Seek Reveal or Reveal Pro please ? I have seen some on YouTube but not a link to the 3D files or where such may be purchased. It is a complex shape at the front of the Reveal and likely beyond my current 3D CAD skills to produce a decent design myself.

I intend to add a close-up lens, and possibly a telephoto lens option to increase the Reveals versatility.

Any help is much appreciated :)


Found this Seek Reveal adapter and lens on eBay from a chap in Germany.

Sadly I need only the adapter and not the lens part so it’s price tag excludes it from my options :(

Nice design though.

I thought @Uho had made a telephoto for the reveal & finally resorted to "googling" it & found reference to it on this Seek hardware modifications thread and a "Seek 2x tele doable?" thread.  Referenced links are:


You probably saw these but weren't interested in Seeks at the time.   ;)

Thanks  :-+

I have asked Uho about his adapter availability  :)


I have also reached out to the eBay seller of the above detailed lens adapter. He certainly has a lot of thermal camera lenses in his shop !



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