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Hi everyone.

After I messed with the Seek Shot Pro, I got a non-pro version, here are some interesting points compared to the Pro version:

The thermal lens looks identical between them.
Maybe they do use the same lens, so they have the same iFOV. Also, the visible light camera are exact the same, because I can extract the full wide angle image in SeekView App (due to a bug I believe).

The lens correction effect is much lower than the Pro version, and the area measure mode bug doesn’t exist.
I mentioned the bug in my older thread with a sample video, when you draw a big area box on Pro version, the lens-correction will rapidly toggle between enabled and disabled mode.

The FFC/NUC have slightly different timing, but similarly aggressive.
From turn on, 1.5 seconds interval for 4-5 times, then 5.5 seconds interval until 3 minutes from power up, then 9.5 seconds interval for more than 10 minutes (maybe forever?)
Add: The interval changed to 14.5 seconds after 13-21 minutes(I didn’t catch the exact time) from power on, then remain unchanged during the whole 1 hour test.
However, this makes more sense on non-pro version because image does look better after each shutter event when just turn on. Maybe because the non-pro version have a smaller sensor, thus the thermal capacity is lower.

The frame rate is significantly higher, and the lag is also shorter.
Maybe because there are less data per frame to process. PS. The Pro version’s visible camera is also high frame rate, but lags a lot.

The image quality is seemingly good, not that much worse than the Pro version, and much better than the first generation Compact.
This is according to one of my friend owning a early Compact, I’m looking forward to compare them soon.

The dynamic range is worse?
A clear sky shows around -30C on Pro model, while on non-Pro it max out at -40C.

The measuring accuracy seems worse.

The shutter rapidly act 2-3 times on power down, this is a new bug not existing on Pro version.

That’s all for now, if you guys want sample pictures or even videos, please tell me the desired object, color palette, measuring mode, etc.

Thank you for reading!

Logan, thank you so much for this comparison. I'm outside the US and wanting to get a Seek Shot (Pro or non Pro versions) for home inspection (moisture, water filtration, radiant floors etc. Not too picky about exact thermal values as I'm concerned in deltas mainly).

Now a days I use the old Seek Thermal cameras attached to a Windows tablet using Joe's (amazing) software. Non the less, I cannot record videos and when connecting the Seek Thermal Pro, I have several problems (temperature scale doing crazy jumps and not stabilizing).

I'm still wondering to get (import) a SeekShot but cannot decide on which. According to your comments, the non-Pro seems quite a deal facing the few "disadvantages" with the Pro. Do you have by now some thermal images and sample videos to try to decide my buy? That would come in VERY handy.

I don't know if you can share here or you prefer me to contact you on PM.
Thanks in advance for your time and contributions!

Hi santasemilla.
Unfortunately all photos/videos taken have been post-processed, so I don't have any original ones.
I can either post/send the processed ones, or take new ones on your request. But I only have the Pro version now, sorry.
BTW, you can read my another post as below(and yet another inside the thread):
Please tell me what kind of picture you want.
Good luck!

Just curious - your imagers were able to focus at infinity? my shot pro was kinda sharp at 0.5-2m, approximately

Hi @Logan and thanks for your reply!

Well... if you kept the PRO one vs the other, you answered my question some how haha.

If you want to post some pictures here I will appreciate it! Another question now arises is: Can you save videos in "fusion" mode? I am a bit concern about the misalignment between both the visual and thermal images, but found a couple of youtube reviews where it was possible to "vertically align" the two up to a pretty decent result. I also noticed that last Feb Seek updated the firmware. Any good news in your experience with that update?

As before, thank you for your time!


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