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Seek Shot Pro - live video
« on: July 12, 2020, 03:51:03 pm »
Hi, I'm new here, EEVblog seems to be the main forum where thermal camera users (with the engineering attitude 'can I break it) get together. Thus, I thought to share with you some findings of the Seek Shot Pro I have now since a week.

To start with, I'm underwhelmed by that thermal camera. The price is still rather high and the quality of the images like back in the 90s. Since it's my first cam I am unsure whether I keep it or go for the FLIR C5 right away as long as I can bring the other one back.

Still, I've tried to find out what you can do with it and by accident I've seen how stream the live feed to your PC (or phone).

Essentially, the Seek Shot opens a hotspot you can connect to and then the SeekView mobile app could show the live image. Inside seems to run VLC, which opens the URL rtsp:// . That could be used for live streaming, maybe even at night (not sure though how stable the sensor is if it's permanently on).

In the SeekView app there is extra information on spot temperature readings etc., which is not part of the video stream. Maybe this is grabbed via HTTP as there is also a web server running on the Seek Shot (Pro) - and also a FTP and DNS.

Via the FTP you can also get the images as JPEG. I have no idea where the radiometric image is stored or how to get it, but I really wonder why that info is not available.

So maybe this helps others, I may still send it back (for the following reasons):
* photo resolution is 90s (640x480)
* manual alignment of photo and thermal image for SeekFusion hard to find in the menu - but it's always off depending on distance! So if it's not automatic it should be easily accessible
* noisy image
* interrupted video due to unpredictable shutter actions
* no RAW image - just the fused one (how do I get this .hir file btw. -SeekView seems to list those, not the JPEGs as via FTP)
* connection only as hotspot, not as WiFi client or Bluetooth
* display is dull
* touch screen hard to use if you are not a kid - always opening the wrong menus due to the small controls

Still, RTSP is nice and may be useful for some, and I may also have too high expectations.

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Re: Seek Shot Pro - live video
« Reply #1 on: July 12, 2020, 05:47:26 pm »
A FLIR C5 is worse in a lot of ways.

The seek with the QVGA core is already pretty good resolution for that price. You will have to spend a lot more for VGA and beyond. Image quality is also a question of lens. What is the biggest issue to me is the awful framerate on low end devices.

Shot is a odd product in some sense and has its issues. If you want to have an IP camera you can look into those products. But expect to pay more and no radiometric features.

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