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Seek Shot Thermal Imaging Camera FREEZE solution


By posting this I hope to help out someone with the same frustrating freeze problem with the Seek Shot Thermal Imaging camera.

My problem was this:

After receiving the camera I went through the setup and set the date and time etc.
Then as one does I made a lot of images and video's to try out the camera.

But after 123 images/video's the Seek Shot froze after taking a photo?  Only thing to 'resolve' that was to shut off the Seek Shot but again, taking a picture would freeze it solid.

After connecting the Seek Shot to my Linux computer I discovered that, on the internal memory, only 290 MB was free from the 3.7 GB!?
In the file manager I saw nothing unusual other than the images/video's in the corresponding folders.

BUT after turning on the 'hidden files' option in the file manager, I discovered almost 2000 small files in several directories with the .pre extension with a date in 2018.

So I deleted all these files and made sure to EMPTY THE TRASH BIN on the computer BEFORE DISCONNECTING the Seek Shot.  If you forget this step you have to send the Seek Shot back to the seller. My own experience... |O

Now I have 3.7GB free space and the Seek Shot performs as it should.


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