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Seek Thermal announced the Seek Reveal XR

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I've got an email from Seek with their new product...

in my opinion its a way better solution than the normal reveal... but still "meh"

Come on seek... we all want a new Sensor and/or Lens  :-//

SEEK Thermal set out to produce an affordable thermal imaging camera using  a cost reduced microbolometer core. Whilst they did produce a working thermal core, their processing software was/is embryonic and not fully formed.

I get the the feeling that SEEK Thermal are now looking to extract as much money from this 'horse' as they flog it to death via various product offerings. A new core or better software costs money and we have seen no evidence that SEEK Thermal have that as a priority at the moment. Investors will likely expect a return on their money before authorising further significant development expenditure.

Early on there was a comment about a new core that circumvented FLIR's copyright on the 12um microbolometer (requiring SEEK to disable every 15th pixel) but no more has been said since.

The affordable thermal camera market is developing quickly. If SEEK Thermal intend to just flog the current core to death before other competing products catch up with its low price, we are likely to see little improvement in released products and maybe SEEK investors will just 'cut and run' when enough profit has been made. Time will tell.

For the record, I was a supporter of SEEK Thermal and their dream. I bought the camera, was disappointed with it, sold it, and moved on. I had high hopes for SEEK Thermal developing better and better cores based on a sound foundation. Instead they have a product line built on a foundation of sand. A great pity.


According to Seek's facebook page, the Reveal XR loses the manual focus capability of the Compact XR...  :palm:

What? Why? You're only reducing your possible market by doing this Seek...

It's not supposed to be a "high end" unit. It only costs more because it integrates the visual delivery mechanism, bypassing the need for an android device. It's still garbage. Until they develop a better sensor, I'll never buy from them again.


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