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Seek Thermal Pro IOS edition valid on Android OS thrue basic Adapters?

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Well, i bit the bullet and bought a Compact Pro FF with Lightning Plug.

I was able to mod the Lightning to microUSB as decribed, THANK YOU!

The ID chip got horribly hot, i simply unsoldered it and its working fine now without hot spots :-)


P.S: USB-C Adapter next, already tried but failed, although moving the resistor for CC from +5 to GND its not working as OTG, any idea?

Well, pretty much talking to myself here, nevertheless, maybe its of interest to someone later.
Here are USB id's of 3 different Seek:

Seek Compact UW-AAA micro USB:      PIR206/iAP      0x289d 0x0010
Seek Compact Pro FF LQ-AAAX Lightning:   PIR324/iAP      0x289d 0x0011
Seek Compact Pro FF UQ-AAAX micro USB:   PIR234/-         0x289d 0x0011

Hi all!
I recently switched from Android to iOS. is there a way to use Seek Compact micro USB version with iPhone with some adapter?

Unfortunately this is not possible as the camera needs to be fitted with the Apple ID chip that is not present in the non iOS versions. You could try to course a faulty Seek iOS version and transplant the required cable, Apple ID chip and connector assembly into your working camera unit.


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