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Seek Thermal Pro IOS edition valid on Android OS thrue basic Adapters?

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HI guys.
had to go for an Seek pro IOS socalled new at 290USD even though we didnt had any IOS-equipment with Lightning-plug, but instead numerous Android devices with Micro USB.
Reached out to Seek Thermal, and obviously not something they have many interests in answering, in regards using their products on different platforms then intended, they did state that in theory, it could work as not much hardware differences if any, its usually the other way around there are issues, using Android devices on Apple IOS as there are some minor hardware differences here...

Has anybody here experienced with an IOS Seek Thermal on other systems then IOS or can a person just "plug and play" with basic china-adapters Lightning 8pin to Micro USB usually 4 or 5 pins without any deeper pinout guidance beforehand.?

>  All these el'cheapo lightning-adapters have finally arrived from the slow boat from China and I'm an a little hesitate to just chance it with a relative delicate sensor-equipment, after all I did end up going for an Ipad2018 in the long waiting time so do got a native system to use it with
but still would be nice to be able to use it also with ones Android-phone.
Are there any specific risks too have in mind or problems triggering the OTG protocol, when using 8pin Lightning to 4/5pin MicroUSB adapters or anybody here used their IOS Seek Thermal on other systems then native IOS fx with Android or perhaps Windows OS true thirdparty software.? Or will it be a problem trigging the OTG standard

// Hmm, been trying with different mobile-fans, and it seems like the OTG standard gone lost in translations between 8pin Lightning to Micro USB or TypeC so no power is drawn.

I would be very surprised if any of these adapter works ...
You'd better sell it, and buy one for android !

As noted in the text and with links to my footage on IOS, its not a mistake I decided to purchase IOS so any reason for sell, is of course out the door.
It performs brilliantly from a 230 EUro pricepoint on my Ipad2018 and love the footage it performs with decent framerate..

But as noted it would also be a gain if it was open for use with one's Android-phone or windows for that matter.
It was mainly in regards to issues with using IOS device on Android as long as you got an lightning to Micro USB adapter with the correct pinout.
The main issue seems to be the OTG protocol (getting power) their aint seem to be triggered.

From my old ticket.

--- Quote ---Hello Hviid Holding,

The Seek Compact imagers are not designed to work with the opposite platform, even with the use of an adapter. There are slight hardware differences between the cameras for iOS and those for Android. The Android cameras lack a component necessary to run on an iOS device. It is theoretically possible that an iOS camera could work on an Android device, but Apple doesn't authorize the necessary adapter and we do not test against that scenario.

Some industrious customers may have been successful, but we haven't seen or heard any reports that suggest it will work.

Seek Support
--- End quote ---

From memory, the significant difference between iOS and Android versions of phone based thermal cameras is the Apple ID chip that sits in the USB path. This chip is licenced by Apple to identify the accessory as a valid unit for use with Apple products. This is why Android accessories will be rejected by an Apple host as incompatible. In order to use an Apple version of an accessory on an Android platform, I believe you will need to bypass the Apple ID chip inside the camera. I recall someone attaching a USB cable to the camera side of the Apple ID chip and it apparently worked fine as an Android SEEK.

Of course, any attempt to do such a modification is totally at your own risk and you need steady hands and skills to work on these compact cameras. I suggest you do some research on the Apple ID chip, how it works and how it is connected into the USB/Lightning path.


The ID chip was first noted when Lightning was released.......

Apple treat details of the ID chip as Corporate Confidential, so it is hard to find details of its implementation but some Googling may turn something up for you. I do not know whether it sits across the USB data and power lines, or in series with them. as such I do not know how it interacts with the accessory USB port or the host.



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