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I didn't want to post these in the long Flir or Seek threads, but here are some images of the same things from both a Seek Thermal and Flir One G2.  Enjoy!

6 and 7, the order is reversed. 

Some more...

Last ones...

2 and 3 - ceiling wall corner temperature difference
4 and 5 - timer and GFCI outlet
7 and 6 - stove, warm electronics powering clock
8 and 9 - eneloop charger
11 and 10 - heat vent next to fireplace
13 and 12 - another wall corner temperature difference
15 and 14 - ceiling fan remote receiver is warm
0 and 1 - water under floor?

General comments - Even when I 'disabled' MSX on the Flir, it was definitely more temperature sensitive and could pick up much more subtle temperature differences.  I disabled it by putting my finger in front of the lens.

The Flir does the calibration shutter click every 20-30 seconds, while the Seek does so every 3-5 seconds.  The Flir lasts about 45 minutes on battery, so not much, but enough.

While it looks like I might have cherry picked examples, in general, I could not find an instance where the Seek did better.  Yes, the MSX is definitely an advantage to the Flir, but I see no reason not to use it since it's there.

At the same price, it's hard to go with the Seek.  I do credit Seek however, with starting a competition with Flir, causing all of us to benefit.  One last Flir advantage, it works with Flir tools and the images also include a visual image you can slide up and down.  These images are both from the iOS version.

Wow -- it seems like I got much better results than that from my (Android, original version) SeeK.

I was all excited to be getting a new phone that's directly compatible with the SeeK, but now my SeeK dongle has gone missing.  :( So, no counterexamples from my end just yet...


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