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My understanding is the 's" stands for search and hence the optics are designed for long range view, not up close as required for inspection of electronic boards and other components.
The resolution is also the same as to the T2L
The "+" stands for higher temperature rating - up to 450C
As to software: Not sure but I understand it uses the same software anyway which is known to be very unstable (despite just having had another upgrade in December)
The only other software I'm aware made by this company is linked to their WIFi enabled devices.
Also from my tests so far it would appear that a simple c-type USB connector is not sufficient to make it work (on a mobile phone & tablet that is). I've discovered that many cheaper phones & tablets only have a USB 2.0 support despite having a c-type port. (buyer beware). Only an actual USB 3.0 and up will work.
(This is rather annoying as the type-c was supposed to be for USB 3.0 and higher. So that some manufacturer still use it but only support USB 2.0 sux)

Hallo, I'm searching for the sdk for the t2L, would be great if someone could help me.

can you send me the code file you have modified to get temperature of each pixel

Hi, good news!
At least is possible to get worked ht301_hacklib on windows 11 with T3S
Stawel fixed a shape problem in his script on Github
and i add some strings in from line 293

--- Code: ---if device_strings[3] == 'T3-317-13': frame_ok = True
                if device_strings[5] == 'T3S-A13': frame_ok = True
                     if debug > 0: print('frame meta no match:', device_strings)

--- End code ---
after it worked well

Has maked single "all-in-one" exe for it (pyinstaller --noconfirm --onefile --windowed) and share it. It must work with HT-301 (if you have it please try) and T3S (my one is). T3Pro i think it need to update strings - something like "T3Pro-A13" but not sure, i not have this cam.
Here is the link for exe
closing window by pressing cross with mouse not working its will appear again, just press q to quit :)


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