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Software to use Seek Mosaic Core?

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There is nothing secret about the MOSAIC core. The MOSAIC core is basically a J3-603/4 core that has had the “603/4” processor PCB separated from the cores chassis and microbolometer PCB using a ribbon cable. The reason is simple…. The processor PCB generates heat and this does have a negative impact on the cores performance when it is mounted behind the microbolometer PCB. The only reason that you have not seen close up pictures of the MOSAIC core is that no one has bothered to photograph their MOSAIC core and post the images online. The SEEK Thermal cored cameras that I have disassembled have all had either the J3-603/4 core or just the Microbolometer PCB connected to the video processor on a main board, as in the SEEK Reveal cameras. Cameras that do not need a USB link from camera to host do not use the “603/4” processor PCB.

Attached pictures show the standard J3-603/4 and later MOSAIC core with its remote processor PCB for thermal separation.


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