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Supply voltage of seek thermal compact iOS

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The iOS version is running at 3.3v.
Measured at the flex cable from lightning plug inside the camera to the PCB on a seek compact iOS.
it could be risky to supply it with 5v from USB OTG. the lightning plug doesn't contain a voltage regulator.
The camera PCB contains an ID chip to talk to the iPhone and request proper configuration of the lightning port.
The iPhone supplies 3.3V to the camera.
Overvoltage can reduce the life span of the semiconductors significantly.
From decades to hours or just seconds.
Not sure if your micro USB adapter contains a 3.3V voltage regulator. Mine didn't.
I had to add one myself. It costs only 50 cents. It's working fine now, and I have peace of mind.
I used a very good double shielded USB micro B cable of 1m length.
I could imagine that a genuine Seek camera for Android has a voltage regulator built into the USB micro plug.

The Seek Compact series is compatible up to Iphone XR, after that the camera will no longer work with your phone.
We have tested three different xr compact cameras with the iPhone 11, 12 and 13 and the software does not recognize the camera.
The latest version of the IOS application. is over 4 years old.
No updates, no alternative software. (Maybe they fired their IOS developer)

That's why you can find Seek compact IOS / Apple on ebay for really cheap.

Iphone + SeekThermal is not a good choice.
FLIR support is much better.

Or .. the solution is to have an old Iphone.

I am using it on iPhone 8 and iPhone 11 (European/German versions if in doubt) with the latest iOS version 15.2 and latest Seek App version. With my homemade microUSB adapter, it works with a Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 GT-N5100 from 2012 under Android KitKat 4.4 and the latest Android Seek App.
Sorry to hear that you have such problems :/

Not sure on what you say.
OTG function provide 5V
On Compact Pro for Apple (but board are identical for Android devices) I measured 2.8V for SPI memory and 2.2 if I my memory is OK for LPC43S30
LPC43S30 max voltage is 3.6V
Camera works fine connected to PC at 5V on USB

Seek Thermal app is the same for all and latest version is from Jul 16, 2021  on appstore

I rephrased my original post from January 09, 2022, 04:57:08 pm to make it more clear.


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