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Teledyne FLIR IR Imaging Radiometry Handbook


One of FLIR's senior researchers just had their handbook by FLIR on Radiometry and it is quite a good read! You can download for free here, but you need a FLIR customer account:

Very interesting read!


That is an excellent publication and there is content that will definitely help me to get the best from my SC4000 science camera  :-+

My SC4000 came with a couple of matt black coated aluminium plates that are not discussed in the comprehensive user manual at all. I tried to identify the plates and their intended use on the FLIR web site but no such accessory was listed. I assumed that the plates were intended to be used to set the cameras flat field rather than any temperature calibration function, but why provide two ?

Anyway, this new FLIR publication details what the plates are for and how to use them with my cooled camera. See attached picture. there was nothing like this on the FLIR web site. This new publication is very detailed and the page count is the highest yet. It even details the default Temperature ranges and integration times for the cooled camera and that was information I did not previously have and wanted for my own calibration sets. The cutaway images of the cooled imaging core are nice as well. Well done Teledyne FLIR  :-+


Remember reading an old Indigo manual that discussed two plates provided with the camera.  One could be left at ambient or placed in a refrigerator, while the other could be left on top of the computer or video monitor ... guess that would only apply to CRT's!   ;D 

I had never seen the term "hillbilly NUC" before, learnt something :D

The guy who wrote this (Austin) was a full-time employee with FLIR, but unfortunately, after the acquisition, he has been made a contractor! Austin is a super-intelligent senior researcher who does a lot of work with tesla coils and is a really good bloke to know! Recommend you follow him on LinkedIn for his very interesting posts!


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