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TG267 or C5 for PCB work?

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Hi! A local company had very good Black Friday FLIR-deals, so I picked up a TG267. Only $377 ex tax (I get tax reimbursed to my company).
Yesterday I was approached by a guy to swap a C5 even stevens with a 2012 21'5" iMac I had posted. It's been listed at $410 for a while without sale.

Question is, which is a better choice for mainly lower power PCB and audio amp (higher temperatures) work? Also taking into account, the cost.

I presume you realise that the TG267 is a visual IR thermometer, rather than a Radiometric thermal camera ?

By this I mean that the TG267 uses a 80x60 pixel FLIR Lepton 2.0 thermal imaging core but that core does not offer any temperature measurement capability. For the temperature measurement that is shown on the display, it uses a conventional single pixel IR thermometer with its associated large spot size on the target. A Radiometric thermal camera, even one that uses the low resolution Lepton core, will provide the measured temperature of each and every pixel in the displayed scene. Far more suited to PCB work.

Note that I have used a Radiometric Lepton 2.5 based camera that has only 80x60 pixels and I was able to achieve good results when searching for ‘hot spots’ on PCB’s for further investigation.


It confuses me. Both are 160x120, but I now see they distinguish TG267 true IR pixel imager while C5 has true thermal imager.
Sadly the C5 sold just before I asked for the iMac-trade.

Which (of all in the market) is the better choice in the $500 range for PCB work? I see many recommend E4 with 320x240 hack.

You are quite correct, the TG267 is a 160 x 120 pixel Lepton so it will use the Lepton 3.0 non Radiometric core. My mistake, I was thinking of its predecessor, the TG165.


But it's still a poor choice for PCB work? Or does that change everything?
What's your recommendations? I see in the forums you're quite knowledgeable on this topic


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