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The new Tooltop T7 with 'claimed' 256 x 192 sensor. Genuine 256 x 192?

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Liam G:
I'm seeing mixed/negative opinions in customer comments, but who knows where they're coming from.

Seems to be a gap in the YouTube-market for a detailed review/test of this device, if anyone here is interested.

I ordered one from Aliexpress before Christmas. When it arrived, the neutral field calibration shutter appeared to be stuck, so it kept trying to calibrate with it open which made the image unusable. I had no issue returning it - they gave me a UK address to send it to and the refund was done fairly quickly after they got it back.

It definitely did have a 256 x 192 resolution however.

I have since ordered a Tooltop T256, since that was by then at a lower price. That also has the same resolution and that is working fine - it has the Tiny1-C core and also works with the Infiray P2 Pro app as well as the Topdon TC001 app.

They are both manufactured by Shenzhen Dianyang Technology Co, who make a variety of thermal imaging products. The Tooltop T7 is on their website listed as the model H2FB: The T256 I have is called H2F. They also make a lower resolution variant of both.

Liam G:

Thanks for all that.

Could you name some other 256x192 cameras that you've used and can say are comparable in terms of image quality?

Personally, I own a Guide PC210.

I haven't directly used any others with the same resolution. I have used a Flir One however (not sure if it was first or second generation) and this one produces far superior thermal images. That is slightly offset by the Flir edge overlay feature, but I don't find that to be necessary with the better resolution. Having 25Hz refresh is also quite nice.

From what I've seen people post, I think these cameras which use the same sensor are all pretty much the same in hardware, but the software does differ between them. They all do things slightly differently, but none of them do everything I want. The one supplied with the Tooltop one is I think the same as with the Victor VC328B and the Mileseey TR256i. It is functional but a bit quirky. The image is a bit more raw and has less processing than the P2 Pro or Topdon app so images with narrower temperature spans look more noisy, whereas the others produce a more smooth image.

The P2 Pro app is the one I use most often because it saves images which include the raw thermal data as well, and that allows you to post process them with software.

There is an opening for someone to make an an app for these cameras which does all the basics properly - things like setting a fixed span for the scale easily, and saving images oriented properly according to how you hold the phone. All of these current apps are somewhat buggy and have flaws in how they go about doing things, which could be corrected quite easily with a bit of thought. They all seem to have been written to provide something that 'works' rather than a polished product.

That said, for the price I'm quite happy with the capabilities of it, and it's perfectly OK for doing things like spotting missing insulation and damp patches and general geekery etc. If you want something more repeatable and customisable then that's where using external PC software or a more polished product like Flir would probably be better.

Does the Tooltop T256 allow manual setting of the span?


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