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The ZnSe Window that almost brought tears to my eyes !

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I recently purchased some FLIR parts and accessories from a chap and he also found a large ZnSe window for me. Now I only paid 20 Euro's for the window so you cannot expect much for that. The window is approx 90mm diameter and 12mm thick ! I have no idea what it was used for, or what I will do with it, but I bought it anyway  ;D

The box of parts arrived today and the seller had been very generous in adding extra useful FLIR parts, namely, a lot of FLIR lens cases and a nice promotional FLIR LED torch. All good so far but as I unwrapped the ZnSe window my heart sank.

The window looked to be in pretty good condition considering what I paid for it. Someone had done the unthinkable to it though....... it had its dimensions written onto its AR coated face in permanent marker !
It almost brought tears to my eyes to see it. I quite expected that pen ink to have leeched into the AR coating, permanently scaring the window. The window was dirty so would need a good clean and I would then establish if any damage had been done by the pen.

I very carefully cleaned the window with a mixture of IPA and water. The writing began to lift off of the surface. After more careful cleaning the pen marks were completely removed, but the important AR coating was undamaged underneath.  Phew !

I attach some before and after pictures.

Never try this at home, it can end in tears ! Writing on a lens AR coating would just never occur to me. Now graphite pencil on the opaque sides.... that I have seen. Even painted part numbers on the side.

Now what the heck do I do with a large, thick and heavy ZnSe window ?


More pics

Time to make a blast-proof container for one of your cameras  ;D

Yes 12mm thickness is a pretty substantial window !

I wonder whether this is a cabinet inspection window, as found in a high energy electrical cabinet.

It will be interesting to see what the Windows transmission is like. I have a Black Body thermal source so can determine the transmission pretty simply by seeing how much error the window introduces into readings. No time at the moment but I will check it later.


I just took a look at ZnSe windows from optical suppliers.

Wow they can be expensive. A 70mm diameter x 3mm thickness is £440  :o

Imagine what a 90mm x 12mm costs.

Another supplier wants almost 1000 Euros GeForce a 70mm x 6mm !

Even Edmunds Optics do not have such a large window shown. A 75mm x 6mm costs around $1700.



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