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Bill W:
Hi Ray,

Agree it looks like pixels when the sensor is off temperature.

For others reading, the cooler (strictly a stabiliser) and the temperature sensor are inside the detector package sealed in vacuum.

Cooler drive is on pins 21 & 22, a rather complex temperature sensing circuit is partly in and partly outside the detector on pins 29, 30, 31, & 32.  I think 30 is the aim point and 29 the actual temperature, both are detector outputs fed to the control PCB.  The circuit has some high value resistors in it, so may go leaky with damp residues.

Have a look for op-amps driving dual transistor packages ZOT6790, perhaps one leg of the driving bridge has died or been fouled up.

Another possibility (not sure if it was provided) would be a sensor to detect general overtemperature shutting down the stabiliser in error.

What does the current draw do at startup and just as the white pixels appear ?

Best of luck


Hello, I am curious as to where to get chopper wheels for the cadillac thermal system.. I have one that works but the chopper wheel is completely trashed.

Thanks for any help.


Bill W:
The Cadillac cameras used a fairly common Raytheon camera core unit, and one of the other end products that used Raytheon cores for a long time were the EEV/Marconi/E2V Argus fire cameras.

I have been creating an archive for these cameras as well as offering support & some spares through the website, and do have a few spare chopper wheels in useable condition.

I also have quite a few lenses that are compatible with the cores, and may also be of use elsewhere, they are 15mm f/1.



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