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I have bother a FLiR (ThermoCAM which cost ~£5K quite a few years ago) and i3systems clip-on. The clip-on is better resolution but, as others have noted, attaching it to a phone can be messy, and the phone needs to be very top-end to get the full frame rate. I'm using a medium expensive phone and get about 2-3fps, so it's not very useful for dynamic situations (and even focusing is a slow affair).

For automobile use I would definitely go for an all-in-one like the E4. Life is just so much simpler (which, of course, cuts both ways) and your focus is then fully on what you're looking at rather than what you're using to look at it with.

Thank you all for your input. There is a lot here to think about. I will take all your advice into consideration before I make a final decision. I will let you know when I do.
Thanks again,


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