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Thermal camera / IR Thermometer simple DIY Calibration Check source by Fraser

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Bill W:
This is the paint that I referred to above:

Krylon K04290000 Camouflage Black


@Bill W,

Many thanks for the paint details Bill. I have read good reviews on Krylon paint for thermal coatings. I shall go look for some now.

There are 3M paints designed for thermal radiators but I could not find any retailers for any of the paints. The astronomy crowd also have a need for such paints as they are usually excellent light absorbers for the interior of optical blocks.


Best price in the UK including postage is from the following site:

I purchased two can to make the postage more economic as there is no additional charge for the extra can. £18.93 inc postage for two cans.

On ebay there is a seller offering three cans for £29 but it is cheaper from Patrolbase.

I can see why this ultra low reflectivity paint is good for thermal black body applications. Great stuff.



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