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Their app is pretty green, unless you have a high contrast on temperatures it's a bit washed off. (and a bit noisy)

But the sensor is capable, just the software that is not there yet.

And I do like Seek, I'm on my 2nd one, just because of the potential.

I know, I did one of those versions :)

Although I did look at Thomas code and he did pretty much added a lot to it. But it originated with sgstairs to begin with.


--- Quote from: blueskull on January 18, 2016, 08:35:47 am ---A little problem compared to a FLIR, that it does not have MSX, so IDing cold parts could be hard.

--- End quote ---

You might be disappointed with MSX for your application anyhow. At close distances, parallax is a big problem, and if you've got (for example) parallel rows of small components, it can easily make things MORE confusing.

I don't use my SeeK much since I got a FLIR E4, but even with the E4 I usually run in straight thermal mode (MSX turned off). I find it's more useful to point into the scene with something at a different temperature -- a finger, or a pen that's been in my pocket -- and use that to make sure I know what I'm seeing on the screen.

MSX is highly over rated once you have decent resolution and focus. I virtually never use MSX for anything and I use my camera a lot, it might be handy if you had some thing behind a  large flat surface like a wall and needed to place markers. PCB work would be about the last thing it could ever be useful for.

Although its over your budget I can tell you that a Flir E4 (modified) with one of the lenses from Frasers "Useful information thread" outperforms an E60 for macro work.


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