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Thermal camera/thermometer Black Body Calibrator teardown. M9600 model

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Thermal pictures using an enhanced E4 camera.

My camera reads the Black Body chamber at 41.1 Degrees C .... pretty damned good in my books.

The heat from the Black Body chamber does warm up the inside of the Vero Case and there are no air vents to allow air circulation. This may be intentional to maintain a warm environment for the Black Body. In the picture you can see that the case adjacent to the Black Body is at 25.6C after a warm up period of around an hour.

I checked the M9600 with a PT100 probe and it appears spot on temperature  :)  It is fresh out of hospital service so I suspect it was calibrated/checked regularly.


Pictures of the unit after a clean and re-assembly.

Its amazing what some IPA and soapy water can do. The case plastics are not even discoloured, it is a cream coloured Vero case  :)


The tear down of my IsoTech 988 Black Body may be found here:


Nice teardown.

Do you know more about the paint itself?

One of the things on my  never-completed-side-projects list is a thermal power meter to measure laser optical power (I have a bunch of power laser diodes, ranging from 5mW to 2W).

For a long time I've tried to find a good deal on Ophir power sensors, but these things are rather rare and still expensive.

The DIY alternative is a Peltier module attached with thermally conductive glue to a heatsink and painted with "black body" paint to absorb all the light and let it raise the temperature of the other side of TEC. Voltage from TEC is proportional to temperature difference and this is related to laser's optical power. Not extremely accurate method I suppose, but good enough.

Now I've read on Laser Pointer/Photon Lexicon forums that people try various things, from simple matt black paint to carbon black powder etc. I suppose the paint that is used on black body calibrators you've described should be also good for thermal power meter.

I can help with what it is but not where to buy it.

It is 3m Black Velvet 9560 optical black. Emissivity is 1.00. Perfect for black bodies.

Alternatives are:

3M ALEXIT Velvet coating 811-21 emissivity 0.97 for use up to 150C.

Krylon ultra flat black emissivity 0.97 up to 100C. It's no good above 100C though.



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