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I purchased the 640 30hz unit with cables and gui $995.00 USD

Other units seem like good deals

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What is this company? A 640 30Hz 62mm camera for 950, what's the catch?

Old stock I guess, trying to get rid of it, 90day warranty?
That unit is the e6000 which is a 25micron pitch core which is over 5yrs old so I hope it works good.

I will post some video when I get the unit I ordered in a couple days.
I have never dealt with company before,but they have been around for a while.

15 degree FOV -- that's a pretty long lens.

It's tempting, but I've spent a bit too much on hobbies/toys lately, and since it appears to be analog-video-out-only, I think I can talk myself down.

I was going to post this here as well but it looks like you beat me to it Hard_ware!  I'm flyboy101 over on the ARF boards where I started that topic.   My 2 E6000 units are suppose to get delivered tomorrow! ;D ;D

Looks like Sierra Olympic sells directly to the Military in some instances.  I've found an old Mil Contract from back in 2010 regarding the E6000.  they bought one of them for $9600.

This was a camera core used in the ScanEagle UAV drone deployed over in Iraq between 2006 to 2012.   I would imagine that there is probably some still in use over there.


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