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Thermal for house inspection under 450 euro

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Winter has come and in my house appeared mysterious drafts  >:(
So Iam looking for thermal imaging camera for house inspection (cold spots, underfloor heating pipes, electric wires diagnostics and so on...
First I found FLIR ONE PRO almost bought it... but oh boy boy how many bad reviews I found about it on this forum :D
Next was FLIR TG267 ok same   :horse: as ONE PRO...
Now I considering this one HIKMICRO E1L
 Is it good option? (no info in forum about this model :/)

Maybe you can offer something better! My budget is around 400eu


I did a teardown of the E1L camera under its alternative name of DS-2TP31

The model I dismantled is running slightly modified firmware and a different FFC shutter design because it is tuned for a Fever Detections role. The cameras build quality was very good and the image quality is good as well (within the resolution limits of 160 x 120 pixels) The E1L would be a good performer for domestic building checks but would not be my choice for commercial work.

If you look through this forum for the Uni-Trend UT-260B, Infiray C200/210 and the Guide PC210, you will find cameras that perform well and have higher resolution than the Hikvision E1L.


Thanks Fraser!!

Ok in Europe I can find E1L, GUIDE PC210 and  Uni-Trend UT-260B all pretty much the same price....

decisions decisions...  with my experience I can judge only by the looks. UT-260B looks nice  :D

The guide pc210 more better than uti 260b.
The Guide pc210 has more features in software as well as in terms of hardware, manual temperature span, laser pointer, bright ips screen, bright Led lamp, better visual camera, Flir analog MSX mode and very fast operation speed, real 25hz.  In my opinion, 260b is an outsider in all respects.


--- Quote from: Pjs on November 22, 2022, 07:53:07 pm ---HIKMICRO E1L
--- End quote ---

Nice camera but if you want a hikmicro I would say add 200 EUR on top of you budget and get a Pocket2 or B20. This cameras have a higher resolution which you could really need. As higher the resolutin as smaller anomalies you can spot.

I would also say a GuideIR PC210 is the best choice in that price-range!
The PC210 has a laser which is handy in home inspections and it allow manual level and span. A InfiRay C200/C210 or Uni-T UT260b do not have that.

Further GuideIR has a better software to generate reports.

I have written a short review:


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