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Thermal imagers UTi120S vs UTi690A


In the video I made an unboxing and comparison of two very similar entry level thermal imagers the UTi120S and the UTi690A. I can't find operational differences between both.[/img]]

Thank you for posting a direct comparison! It's like what we have thought that they seem to be the same product, and your comparison is great.
An question I have been thinking about is that could it perhaps be different models due to component shortage? The thermal imaging sensor is likely the same, but perhaps other components inside differ enough?
It is also strange that only the UTi120S is listed on Uni-T's website.

The devices are almost identical, but I found that the UTi690A give a little higher temperature for the same spot. Also, I was thinking that the 690A denomination was first and then they change to 120S, but the warranty card in the 120S says AGO-2021 and the card for the 690A says SEP-2021, then it is possible that the manufacturing date for the 690A is more recent.

Sometimes there are products that are intended for the Domestic Chinese market and not intended for export. The differences can be varied but can range from the Chinese model being non RoHS compliant to the use of lesser specification components as a domestic customer is easily supported for repairs etc. Different warranty periods can also apply.

This situation was revealed to me when studying Electronic loads. There was one Maynuo unit that appeared to have an identical, but cheaper ‘China Only’ version that had a slightly different model number. It transpired that the ‘China only’ model was not supported outside China and used slightly lower grade/cheaper components in its construction. In the case of these thermal imaging cameras it could even come down to whether original or clone processors are use in the product.


Only if someone does a disassembly of both devices, we can have our doubts disappear. I do not think the manufacturer tells us the differences.


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