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Thermal imaging fans - Fraser is reducing his on-line activity.

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The perils of information technology....... addiction to information.

Dear thermal imaging friends, I am an addict and I admit it. Not to drugs or anything nasty like that, but to the Internet and eBay. I spend way too much time on my iPad and laptop and not enough doing the jobs that are still waiting to get done and interacting with my family.

It is time to attempt to get this under some sort of control. With this in mind I will be seriously reducing my time on-line and concentrating on my chores, Wife and our furbies.

What will this mean to you dear forum friends ? Well you will not be seeing much posting from me compared to normal. I will still answer questions but there may be a delay. I am still repairing thermal cameras as that is my hobby.
If you need my help, send me a PM and I will see what I can do for you.

Fear not though, this is not some sort of a crisis. It is just me trying to get my priorities in order.


You will be missed.  :-DMM

But I completly understand you since my eevblog time was wastly reduced on request of my newborn baby wife.  ;D

Thanks 🙂

I will still be around, just not as often. I spend wayyyyy too much time scouring eBay for 'toys', researching purchases and reading the EEVBlog forum.  It is an addiction and I admit it. I now have around 55 thermal cameras, possibly more !

Common sense says everything in moderation. That is what I will be attempting to enact with my Internet and computer usage.

I will still pop by the forum, and especially the Thermal Imaging sub-forum, just far less frequently.

I doubt I could go full 'cold turkey' on my internet usage though. It's just about reducing my time in the 'bubble' that forms around me when on line.

Some have previously asked how I find so many eBay thermal camera bargains..... the simple answer is that I spend too much time searching for the weird and wonderful on eBay 😄 That leads to my bank account taking a hammering as well. Not a good idea when retired.


Whilst it will be sad to see you dial it down (I love reading your breakdowns of cameras) it does mean I'll finally be able to grab those bargains before you!

Ease off gradually and you won't even know you are spending less time on line. Sort of like easing a lobster into boiling water. Do it quickly and it's a disaster, ease into it and it never knows what hits them ;>))
On the number of cameras in your collection... If you know how many you have, you don't have enough!


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