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Thermal Imaging FLIR FSI Prism-DS Power Cord Lost/Damaged



I have a FLIR FSI Prism-DS model of a thermal camera imaging device. The power cord is broken and lost. What is the best course of action to get this beast fired up again? Would you either try to repo a new power cord, build a new one or desperately try to fix the old one? Please help, it would mean so much. I attached a link to images of the thermal camera and its power socket below.

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I have sent you details of this Fischer Connector in response to your direct message  :)

To assist others in the future, I will repeat the information here…..

I believe it is a Fischer “Core” series 105A095 mixed connector …. 9 pin + 1 coax.

Take a look here on page B5-16 (PDF page 165)

You need to confirm with Fischer though.



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