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Thermal imaging to catch cycling cheats


It seem to be becoming more clear that secret hidden motors are a thing which is happening in pro cycling. Interesting use here of TI to spot suspicious hot areas on bike frames during races...

Seems like it would be really easy to institute random x-rays of equipment.  Combine that with an appropriate penalty (one year ban from racing for example), and the problem should go away.  Cycling is a strange sport.  Cheating seems widespread, and enforcement somewhat haphazard and arbitrary.

I wonder if the heat output would be as bad if they were using super caps.

So just as crooked as soccer then, but the cheating is more hidden from view. Seems like they should simply have a few ex TSA luggage scanners at each event for all bikes to go through, right after the end, with the monitor output on public display for everyone to see. Or expect to see a lot of reporters at the finish line with thermal cameras as part of the camera gear.


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