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NEW Windows Software For InfiRay T2, T3 & HTI Thermal Cameras

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--- Quote from: jimken on November 28, 2022, 06:09:52 pm ---Hello Rune - I am unable to download your Windows software for the T2S and cannot get onto the Discord site for some reason - it keeps sending me in a circle.

Jim Kennedy

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Try using Microsoft Edge


--- Quote from: Janvaris on November 22, 2022, 03:20:59 pm ---Very interesting piece of software!
I bought Doogee S98Pro just for infrared feature, but sadly, built-in app does not save IR and Photo separately, like Flir does. But the resolution and framerate and precision of this sensor is far better than my work's Flir C5. And also, i get all the features of an android phone. Also, this phone is so heavy that i came up with saying "guns don't kill people - rugged smartphones do".
So, I decided to register for discord, just to get access to discussion about this software, but immediately after signing up, confirming e-mail, confirming phone number, my account was disabled for violation or abuse. Some time will pass until support sorts that out, hopefully.
Important question - can your application be used for "splitting" combined image into visible and infrared?

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Does the Doogee S98Pro capture radiometric data with images so you can play around with color pallette and measurements after the image has been captured?
Secondly, do the recorded thermal videos contain sound?
and lastly, any option to manually set the level/span?

I have the T2S+ (Yellow one) Can anyone recommend an adapter cable that works for windows?

Sorry for a looooong pause.
Yes, it does capture an image that includes everything - rgb image, radiometric data and even misc. data like serial number and so on. I can change palettes and save image later, but the app makes it a pain, as it overwrites original image.
Hopefully, my attached image is not ruined by site built-in compression. Edit-it got ruined and recompressed from 1.7MB to 122kb.
Videos do contain sound from microphone.
I can also manually set some parameters like ambient temperature and emissivity coefficient.

It is very interesting software.
 It would be nice if there could be another option to download it because Discord account is not possible without cellphone number. There are still people who do not use that thing.


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