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NEW Windows Software For InfiRay T2, T3 & HTI Thermal Cameras

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Hello everyone, this is my first post here.

My name is Rune Hansen and I’m an electronics engineer from Denmark with a lot of experience in designing embedded systems, power electronics, all kinds of analog electronics and programming (embedded and software).
For a long time, I have needed a solution for thermal imaging/analysis for general use, but mainly for inspection, characterization and monitoring of thermal profiles when designing high efficiency power electronics or any kind of temperature sensitive electronics.
The main problem, as you might know, is the huge price on thermal cameras and the additional price for the associated windows software. Especially if you want a FLIR camera!
I needed a cheaper solution, without spending +15K dollars on a camera and software, but I quickly learned that there wasn’t really a good “hobby” level solution for high quality thermal imaging with a good usable windows software…
I came across a company called InfiRay, which mainly makes cameras for hunting, but then also sells a series of consumer smartphone cameras. Their smartphone cameras have some amazing specs, but I wasn’t fan of the android app and having to use my phone every time.
I needed something with a windows software!!!
A lot of searching on the internet gave no results (for a dedicated InfiRay windows software or a thirs party), so I bought the InfiRay T3S camera to test its performance and I must say that it is an amazing camera. The only thing missing was a good windows software.
I tried connecting the camera to my computer and what do you know… the computer registered the camera as a standard webcam.
From that day on I decided to start my next project, which was writing my own software for the camera and OH MAN it has been a challenge… went into this with little knowledge on thermal imaging.
Even better, I couldn’t find any information about the camera anywhere, but I notices in the bottom of the image there was a lot of image meta data. So, I decided to figure out was the data meant.
I’m getting tired of writing this, so after 3 month of reverse engineering and trying to understand the data coming from the camera – and a loooooooooooottt of long nights of coding test code and reading into thermographic theory and image processing I finally finished a windows software application for the Infiray thermal cameras.

Application Features include (For version 2.0 and above):
- Full Frame Temperature data
- Max/Min Temperature Tracking.
- Center temperature
- up to 5 Point temperature measurements.
- 3D surface Plot
- Full Screen Mode (External windows for live view and 3D surface plot)
- A LOT of standard and custom colot palettes.
- Region of Interest Box analysis.
- Temperature measurements plot
And much more...

Supported Cameras, As of version 3.7.2:
- InfiRay DV-DL13
- InfiRay T2S+
- InfiRay T2L
- InfiRay T2Pro
- InfiRay T3-Search
- InfiRay T3S
- InfiRay T3Pro
- HTI HT-301

Hope you guys like it :)
It has been quite some work!

Below are some pics of the application :)
I havent really used forums before and i most most Certainly will forget to check for replies.

So if you want to talk or get the software and see the features for the newest versions of the software, Please join the discord server "DIY Thermal Imaging":
On discord i will share the software and you guys can contact me if you find any faults, errors or have any problems with the application

Some more pics:

Last Pics :)

Oh, and I have also designed an enclosure for the T3S/Pro camera, because I hated the “smartphone” camera package and needed a more “lab” looking feel for the camera.

Here it is:

pics of the final enclosure:


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