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Todays mystery camera by Fraser

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 This post is just a bit of fun for fellow thermal camera fans  :)

I have yet another thermal camera addition to my collection  :scared:

This camera is going in to service in a specific role that I have in mind for it. More of that another day though.

OK, take a look at the pictures and see what you think about this little camera and what core likely lives inside... manufacturer and technology of sensor will do.

Suggestions as to whether it is a commercial or custom product and what it was likely used for.

I have the answer to all of the above and will be doing a teardown post soon. I also know exactly what it was used for as it came with paperwork describing such !

Lastly, have a guess at what it cost new and what it cost me. I have the original price on the supplied paperwork as well.

My hints that may or may not help...

The resolution is 160 x 128 (yes it says 160 x 128)
The frame rate is >25fps
The lens provides 40 x 30 Degree FOV
There is no start up splash screen but a small square icon appears in the top left corner just before a certian event occurs
Start up is instant with no warm up time needed for a TEC

So what lives inside ?


More pics

More pics

More pics

More pics


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