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Toxic materials in IR lens?

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GaAs (Gallium arsenide):

ZnSe (Zinc selenide)

At both there is:

After skin contact

Immediately wash with water and soap and rinse thoroughly.
Seek immediate medical advice.

Are lens from this materials safe to handle? Or should you always wear rubber gloves?

Handling of the solid material is low risk. But I'd wear gloves anyway because fingerprints can be difficult to remove (especially if there is a little sweat present). Be careful with dust (don't grind GaAs/ZnSe) and don't bring acids or acidic cleaners in contact with ZnSe.

Totally agree with TassiloU.

Thermal cameras and lenses do not come with a health warning as the lens material is not considered a hazard in its finished form. There is normally an AR coating between your fingers and the lens material unless handled by their sides. Wearing of soft cotton lint free gloves is a good idea to avoid contamination of the lens AR coating which can be very fragile.

I would not recommend licking any thermal lens, no matter what it is made of  ;D


Tnx to both.  :-+

Bill W:
The coatings are not nice either.  Definitely a wash hands after handling job if there are any flakes or chips.

Very old lenses may have AR coatings containing Thorium which is a mild alpha emitter, but unlikely to be anything since 1990 for that.

One story goes that the alpha emissions helped keep up the helium trace in 'soft vacuum' Pevicon tubes !



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